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HLM TRANSPORT is a private held company that has pioneered the process of online secure-shipping services announced their creation of a Vehicle Services Division.
People have been asking us to develop a system that completes their Internet buying experience and we believe we have. The marketplace for the sale of used cars this year will be close to 50 million units and approximately a third of these will be sold online.

Vehicle Inspections
One of the limitations of purchasing a vehicle over the Internet is verifying the condition of the vehicle prior to arranging for payment or transport. Customers avoid this dilemma by ordering the HLM TRANSPORT Vehicle Inspection Report. Our experienced mechanical team can handle any technical verification of any vehicle (from personal cars to vans, trucks or even agriculture vehicles). The vehicles are meticulously checked, verifying the exterior (scratches, dents, bruises), interior (cuts, scratches, natural material wear), mechanical functionality (engine power - fuel loss, oil loss - steering, brakes, all electrical functionality, suspension status, transmission functionality, air conditioning functionality, all on board functions), tires and many more are very meticulously verified by our professional team.

It is the goal of every member of the HLM TRANSPORT team to provide our customers with prompt, safe, and trusted transactions with the most secure business environment possible and unsurpassed customer support

When Buyers and Sellers don't know each other, they need a third-party they can trust to turn to. That's where HLM TRANSPORT comes in. As one of the most trusted escrow service on the Internet, HLM TRANSPORT makes sure that the transactions are secure and worry-free. HLM TRANSPORT is also the single point of contact to track and manage all aspects of the transaction, even third-party suppliers.

Solution for purchasing vehicle over Internet Our Company HLM TRANSPORT can assure you that buying throught us you will receive your car, truck, van, bike, atv ... etc.

HLM TRANSPORT will require Bank Account Money Transfer for upcoming delivery if the vehicle is warehoused in our garage facility. The vehicle will be delivered only after we receive a part of the vehicle's cost transferred to our bank account before the delivery starts. The money will be kept to our bank account and will not be transferred to the seller's account until the thansaction is complete.

The Safe Way, Offcourse

If you decided to have your vehicle delivered by using our infrastructure you have to contact our Agency and leave your vehicle to us for a preliminary inspection which will end up by delivering a full scaled report on the vehicle's technical, interior and exterior functionality. We will then proceed with the next step, which is signing a shipping contract for the delivery process. You will be prompted to chose from a wide range of services for your vehicle such as: deliver only, warehousing and delivery, assisted delivery, assisted warehousing, delivery and many more. In the given contract, the seller will receive an unique tracking number which will enable any interested buyer to find more details about the vehicle's status, delivery status, or any other pending transaction step involving the vehicle. We are offering middle man services for the vehicles standing in our garages (vehicle for which we offer warehousing to the seller). The interested buyer will have to pay 50% of the vehicle's cost to our bank account in order to get the transaction started and get the vehicle delivered to his location. After receiving the payment to our bank account, we proceed immediately to process the vehicle's documents in order to prepare the delivery process. After receiving the vehicle, the buyer will have a five days (5 days) inspection period, which time he can decide whether to keep or return the car to our garage. By offering this method we ensure both the buyer and the seller that they receive the best possible service in this circumstances. The money are not delivered to the seller until the five days verification period ends, and the buyer is satisfied with his acquisition. This way the buyer has enough time to inspect and analyze the vehicle in every way possible and still can reject the proposal if the vehicle is not as described by the seller. In this case the buyer will receive a full refund of the money transferred to us in a week's time period.

If the buyer decides not to keep the vehicle, our company will begin the delivery back process, which involves bringing the vehicle back to our garage from the buyer's location. The buyer will receive a full refund of the money in that case. If the buyer decides to keep the car, after the five days period passes he will be prompted to pay for the remaining amount of money (the rest of the car's cost).

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